Responsible Gambling

As online casino gaming and sports betting grows in India and all across the world, it’s more important than ever to emphasize the importance of responsible gambling. Yes, gambling online is a lot of fun, but it can also be addictive to some personalities, and we don’t want a single one of our readers to have financial, social, or mental health problems related to gambling.

It’s our commitment, and the commitment of responsible gambling operators like ComeOn! to make sure you have the knowledge and tools available to help you identify and deal with problem gambling whether it exists in your own life or the life of someone you love. Digest and remember the contents of this page, and as soon as you spot a sign of problem gambling, stop!

What Is Responsible Gambling?

We know that some people would say responsible gambling is a contradiction in terms, but those people probably have never experienced the thrill of instantly tripling their money in roulette or taking home a few extra lakhs when India wins a cricket match.

It is possible to gamble responsibly, and the vast majority of players and punters do so. In short, responsible gambling is gambling within your means. It’s keeping it as a form of entertainment and not getting into trouble as a result of it.

Responsible gamblers view betting and playing casino games as a pastime which they can spend a relatively small amount of their income on for entertainment. For example, some players set themselves a limit of 5% of their weekly paycheck, and only gamble after all of their other financial obligations, including saving for the future, have been met. That’s responsible gambling!

Responsible gamblers view gambling as entertainment which might just pay them if they’re lucky. They do not view gambling as:

✘ A way to get rich.

✘ A way to solve financial problems.

✘ A way to escape from stress of problems.

In fact, the three things mentioned above are the tendencies of problem gamblers. Trust us when we tell you that you never want to fall into that category.

How to Gamble Responsibly

One of the best decisions you can make is to gamble with an operator who takes responsible gambling seriously. Operators like ComeOn! will provide you with the tools and resources to stop gambling if you become addicted or recognize that it’s getting out of control. You’ll learn more about those tools in this section.

For now, let’s focus on you. Here’s how you can gamble responsibly:

  • Create One Account – Create an account at one top online gambling site like ComeOn! It’s too easy to start chasing welcome bonuses and offers online. Making multiple deposits and running multiple accounts makes it easier to overspend or lose track of your spending. ComeOn! gives you the ability to see every deposit and withdrawal you have made to your account. It will even warn you if you’re straying into dangerous territory.
  • Set Account Limits – Another great feature of ComeOn! is that you can set account limits. This is one way for you to keep gambling to a fixed percentage of your income. For example, you can figure out what you earn weekly and set your weekly deposit limit to 5% of that, if that’s what you deem a suitable amount. Figure out what you can afford to lose, set that as your deposit limit, and do not change it no matter what.
  • Take Regular Breaks – Some gamblers decide to go on breaks for a week or even longer. Like a detox, this can be good for you, and it can make you acutely aware if a problem is starting to develop. If you can’t last a week without gambling, it’s a warning sign that you might need to give it a rest for a while. If you find yourself logging in and gambling even though you have promised yourself you won’t, use ComeOn’s self-exclusion feature to lock yourself out of your account for a predetermined time.
  • Be Open & Honest – Be open and honest about how much you gamble with your family and those you have financial obligations to. Some of them may not agree with gambling, but if they see that you’re keeping it sensible, they may be fine with it. If you start hiding your gambling habit from loved ones, this is both irresponsible and is a warning sign that you may be covering up for losses you can’t really afford. After all, if it’s really a small amount, what is there to hide?
  • Gamble for Fun – As we said above, responsible gamblers see this activity for what it is – a little fun which might pay handsomely if lady luck shows up. However, most of the time, you won’t win big. That’s just how gambling works. Accept it before you start and don’t try to gamble your way out of debt or problems. Make “Light Entertainment and Nothing More” your mantra when it comes to gambling.

When gambling online, always remember the number one rule of responsible gambling: When the Fun Stops, STOP!