Unimaginable amounts of money are wagered online every single day, and as India’s economy continues to boom, more and more people are finding themselves with the extra money needed to enjoy online betting. Thankfully, there are world-class betting sites like ComeOn! to serve the Indian market.

What kind of things can you wager on when betting in India? At ComeOn!, you can bet on the following sports:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motorsport
  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Snooker
  • And many more!

It’s also important to understand the different ways you can bet as well as the betting bonuses which you can claim. You’ll find all of this information here.

Win More with Boosts

One of the main reasons we recommend ComeOn! as a sports betting destination is that it’s always innovating. You’ll find features which are designed to make you have a better experience. The Top/Combo Boost features are such features.

  • Top Boosts – These are win boosts for bets on which you make two or more selections. This applies to football, basketball, ice hockey, and tennis. For two selections, you can win 2% more. If you make 11 or more selections, your winnings will be boosted by 15%. There are a few boosts in between those two ends of the spectrum, too.
  • Combo Boosts – This is a similar feature which applies to pre-match tennis bets only. Again, you’ll win 2% more for two selections, but you’ll win up to 50% more if you make 10 selections which all win. Even making five selections will boost wins by double digits – 10% to be exact.

These features are ideal for punters who enjoy making multiple selections on their bets. These extra winnings can soon add up week in, week out, so they’re well worth exploring.

Pre-Match or Live Betting?

While pre-match bets are still popular, more and more punters are interested in live or in-play betting. Who can blame them? After all, some exciting opportunities arise within cricket matches, football games, and while other sporting events are happening. New opportunities can pop up as batsmen are eliminated, penalty kicks are awarded, and significant strikes land. Both types of betting are available at ComeOn! 

You can place your pre-match bets before any game or event begins. You can bet on things like which team will win a match outright, which player will score the most goals in a game, and other things of this nature. You can often place these wagers weeks before the match or game takes place.

Live or in-play betting, on the other hand, takes place within a game or match. For example, if a free kick is awarded in a football game, you might bet on whether or not a goal will be scored from it. These proposition bets aren’t the only kind, though. You could spot an opportunity when a top team goes temporarily down by one goal to an inferior team, and bet at much greater odds that the superior team will come back and win.

Ultimately, you don’t have to choose between live betting and pre-match betting. You can do both when you use the ComeOn! betting apps or site.

Sports Betting Bonuses

Now we come to the part which most potential punters are interested in. Just what can you get your hands on when online betting in India?

Please be aware that these are not real offers on ComeOn! We have written about them here to teach you how betting bonuses work. If you do visit ComeOn! and accept a bonus, you should always read the terms and conditions carefully.

Some of the different bonuses you can enjoy include:

  • Free Bets – These are wagers which are given to you by the Indian betting site. For example, you might be asked to make a ₹250 deposit for a free bet worth the same, giving you ₹500 to bet with. You’ll usually have to wager this multiple times before you can withdraw it.
  • Bonus Points – At ComeOn! and many other betting sites, you’ll earn points each time you log in, make bets, and complete other activities. These can then be traded in for sports betting bonuses and other rewards.
  • Risk-Free Bets – Sometimes, you’ll receive a guarantee that you can’t lose a bet of a certain value. For example, the site may guarantee any losing bets up to ₹250 on a certain cricket match. If you deposit, bet, and lose, the site will refund it in the form of a free bet.

There are many other unique and interesting betting bonuses to be found online. However, the above categories cover the main ones. Some of these don’t even require a deposit. Make sure you visit ComeOn! to view its latest betting bonuses. You’re bound to find something you like!