ComeOn! Sports Betting

One of the main reasons we promote ComeOn! so heavily is because it has one of the best sports betting platforms we have ever come across. You can bet on football, rugby, tennis, cricket, motorsports, athletics, basketball, baseball, and so many other sports that it’s difficult to count them all.

Of course, which sports you can bet on is only one side of the story. ComeOn! also has great features and competitive odds, too. There’s even a special feature which allows you to bet on boosted odds for even bigger potential wins. We’ll tell you more about that below.

The main point is this: you won’t find a better sports betting platform online. Everything you could possibly want to bet on is here, and you can make almost every type of bet you can think of. Let’s take a closer look at some of ComeOn’s betting features.

ComeOn! Top/Combo Boosts

Are you a fan of placing combo bets or are you curious to give them a try? If so, then ComeOn! has two special features which should be of interest to you. When using either of them, if you make two or more selections, you will benefit from a profit boost.

The more selections you make and bet on, the bigger your boost will be. For example, if you bet on two outcomes and win, your winnings will be boosted by 2%. This goes all the way up to 50% profit boosts for 11 or more selections when using the ComboBoost feature. The more risk you’re willing to take, the bigger your rewards will be if you’re successful.

You just don’t find these sorts of innovative, player-friendly features at many other betting sites. That’s one of the many reasons we favour ComeOn! If you often place sports betting combo bets, why would you do so anywhere else?

Keep in mind that both of these features only apply to certain sports. For example, the Combo Boost feature only applies to tennis. The Top Boost feature applies to football, basketball, ice hockey, and tennis.

Pre-Match or Live Betting?

Information technology has changed a lot of things, and one of those is how we bet. It used to be that you had to place straight wagers on who would win, but these days, your betting options are insane. At ComeOn! you can bet on hundreds of potential outcomes both before the sports event begins and as it is playing out.

Pre-Match Betting

As the name suggests, this type of betting is done before the match or event takes place. For example, you might bet on who will win between Liverpool and Manchester United.

However, there’s much more to wager on than just outright winners. You can also bet on the number of goals scored, the score at half time, BTTS, total team goals, the last team to score, and dozens of other outcomes. And that’s just for football matches!

Live Betting

It’s only right that in an era where information comes at us faster than ever before, we can place our bets in real-time. As things change, you might want to place new wagers on things like penalties. ComeOn! realzies this and has responded by offering live/in-play betting. You can now use football betting tips mid-way through a match instead of only before the match kicks off.

ComeOn! offers live betting on football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, cricket, golf, American Football, and lots of other sports. There are so many potential outcomes to wager on that it’s mind-blowing, and the odds change in real-time as events unfold.

If you’ve ever had the experience of watching a match, fight, or race and a strong intuition has struck you that something is going to happen, placing a live bet at ComeOn! is the ideal way to take advantage of these occurrences which experienced punters know all about.

Trust us when we tell you that you’ve never seen a sportsbook quite like this!

Betting on Esports

If you had told the world 20 years ago that there would be global gaming tournaments with prize money in the millions, people would have laughed at you. Yet, esports are real, and not only are the prizes massive for those who participate, but you can now win real money wagering on the outcomes of tournaments and games.

How does this work? To give an example, you would bet on one team to beat another in a map on the popular game GS:GO. At ComeOn! you can bet on CS:GO, Quake, Call of Duty, and other esports games. There’s always something happening in the world of gaming to bet on.

If you want to bet on something different, try esports or political betting. Both can give you a break from betting on sports and offer new opportunities to profit.